ProStart High School Culinary Championships

Writing to you live from the Oregon ProStart Culinary Championships, being held at the Spirit Mountain Casino in Grand Ronde, OR.


I first learned of this wonderful program while attending the Oregon Restaurant & Ldoging Association's Annual Convention in 2014. The ORLA Educational Foundation works closely with the National Restaurant Association to administer this program.

Prostart® reaches over 95,000 students across the United States, and helps aspiring Hospitality Professionals attain vital experience and professional training at a young age. The participants of this program respresent the future of America's Restaurnat & Tourism industry.

In addition to teaching them culinary skills, the program also assits with managerial development and career guidance. As a represntative of both Hospitality by Torres and Gecko Hospitality. I will be working with students during Mock Interviews this afternoon. Providing students, with advice and feedback aimed at helping them attain jobs that will one day lead to flourishing career.

Watching these students work together as a team to is inspiring and refreshing. I look forward to supportig this program for years to come!

For more information about the program, visit the ORLA Website.

#ORProStart @ORLAFoundation

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