Anchor DEN Named as Competition Finalist

I don't normally use the blog to share other articles. But I am extrememly proud to be a part of this amazing venture. For many years, the American public has had a skewed perception of the word "hostel." People envision dim rooms, moldy tile, party kids, and filfthy bunk beds. Essentailly accomodation for young people who can't afford to stay anywhere else.

The truth is that there are thousands of hostels around the world that offer top notch service and accomodations at a fraction of the price charged by traditional hotels. Hosteling isn't just about saving money, it's about turning your travels into a community experience where you engage with other individuals who are curious and courageous enough to explore this planet we all call home. While most hostel guests share a love for travel, they come from all different backgrounds, age groups, professions, and schools of thought.

Anchor DEN aims to bring a quality hosteling option to the Denver community. Providing a space for locals and travelers to connect. A place to eat, share a drink, have a meeting, host an event, or work remotely in a comfortable and creative atmosphere. Stay tuned for more news about Anchor DEN as the project moves forward.



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